iDELT∆8 Gold: The New Golden Standard for Delta 8 Vaping

iDELTA8 Gold Delta 8 Disposable Vape pen Full Gram 1:1

Delta 8 THC is still a very new development in the hemp industry, and naturally, those with an interest in taking it tend to be unsure as to where to start.  With so many delta8 products popping up on the market, how can a user know that they are getting the one that will give them the most desirable effects?

At iDelta, we’ve made it easy for you to choose how you’d like to experience this fascinating cannabinoid from the hemp plant.  We have developed a lineup of three individual formulas which each offer a different delta 8 THC experience, and by far, our most popular is our iDelta Gold, which offers a balanced blend of one-part delta8 THC and one-part CBD.

The Delta 8 at iDelta

We know that people can be particular about how they experience their delta 8, which is why we’ve created our three different formulas that provide unique experiences that incorporate the psychoactive properties of this hemp-derived cannabinoid.  We have spent a good amount of time studying delta 8 in terms of its properties, effects, and extraction methods in order to come up with what we honestly believe is the best option on the market today.  We use cutting-edge processing methods to ensure a perfectly stable, potent, and bioavailable delta8 THC extract that can deliver desirable effects in a way that’s reliable, gentle, and effective, all at the same time.

What is iDelta Gold?

iDelta Gold is our innovative formula that consists of a 1:1 ratio of CBD (cannabidiol) to delta8 (delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol).  What we have learned in our research is that these two cannabinoids share a special synergistic relationship that results in a very balanced and well-rounded hemp experience.  CBD’s calming properties enhance the relaxing side of the THC compound while helping to offset the feeling associated with getting “too high.”  Meanwhile, delta8 helps add to the euphoric effects while producing a gentle yet effective psychoactive experience that’s milder than the one that’s associated with marijuana.

Why is iDelta Gold a Great Option for Hemp Lovers?

We find that the majority of our customers choose our iDelta Gold formulas, and it’s easy to see why.  Many believe that taking this 1:1 ratio gives them the most desirable effects overall, as both CBD and delta8 offer something unique to the experience that can deliver properties that improve mood among other functions of the body.

iDelta Gold is one of the cleanest formulas on the market, and users remark over the pure taste and potent yet gentle effects that they get when vaping our different iDelta Gold products.  We think that you’ll enjoy what these formulas have to offer based on feedback that we’ve received from our customers.

iDelta 8 Gold Products

When we vape the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, we get to feel their effects quickly and fully as this delivery method is highly bioavailable to the system.  The effects of the delta 8 can last for a couple of hours, with CBD balancing them out throughout your experience.

Delta Gold Disposable Full Gram Vape Pen

Our iDelta Gold Disposable Full Gram provides a device that’s enormously easy to use.  It comes with a fully charged battery, and the cartridge contains a complete gram of our 1:1 CBD to delta-8 e-liquid.  The device comes already assembled so that you don’t need to put anything together.  It doesn’t need to be charged or refilled, as when the vape oil runs out, you can just throw away the entire setup and take a pull off of a brand new one.

iDelta Gold Full Gram Cartridge

This iDelta Gold Full Gram Cartridge is a disposable cartridge that arrives filled with a gram of our 1:1 CBD to delta8 e-liquid.  It attaches easily to any standard hemp vape pen device, allowing for discreet usage and maximum reliability.  The cart is thrown away when the e-liquid runs out and replaced with a new one.

What Can You Expect When Vaping iDelta Gold?

Well, it’s all about balance, and you can never have too much of that.  Like we said, CBD and delta 8 share a synergistic relationship that most say produces a very calming and uplifting experience without any kind of heaviness or uneasiness.  You might find that your stress melts away.

One to three puffs are a standard dose, with one being ideal for beginners.  The effects can start within several minutes after the first puff, and peak within an hour.  We have found that delta 8 tends to stay active for longer than CBD, so you may find that the effects last for a couple of hours per dose.

Truly Good as “Gold”

The iDelta Gold series is a great choice for those who wish to vape delta8 but want a more balanced experience.  With its 1 to 1 CBD to delta 8 THC ratio, it can give you the desirable effects of both of these cannabinoids in a way that feels smooth and gentle.  Whether you prefer vape cartridges or the convenience of disposable devices, we have got your delta-8 vaping needs covered.