iDELT∆ Premium – Obsidian Vape Cartridge


We’ve compiled the most potent botanical gifts available from the cannabis plant – delta 8 (55% – 62%), delta 10 (25%), CBN (10%), and THC-P (3% – 12%) – into one single cartridge. Earthlings are prone to hyperbolically saying “everything but the kitchen sink” and we ask, why stop there? We’ve included every proverbial household appliance in the mix here. This cartridge is only for those earthlings who are exceptionally courageous, adventurous, or prone to silly amounts of self-experimentation. This cartridge requires a 510 thread battery. Click here to purchase a battery. Please note: The potency will be identified on the box by a color sticker. Blue = 3%, Green = 7%, and Red = 12%.

All products are made fresh-to-order like a restaurant. We don't cook it until you order it! Please allow 2-5 business days cook and manufacturing time prior to shipping. Again your order will take 2-5 business days manufacturing time prior to shipping. Please time your reorders accordingly, thank you!

iDELTA8 Obsidian Vape Cartridge
iDELT∆ Premium – Obsidian Vape Cartridge
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