iDELT∆ Premium: Wormhole – 20ct


***NEW 50MG POTENCY (previously 30mg)***

Dearest earthlings,

In case you slept through your science classes, a “wormhole” is a tunnel between two distant points in space-time. Typically you need extremely advanced quantum technology to create one, but we tried infusing our amazing raw hemp material into the best-tasting gummy worms your planet has to offer – we got bored one night – and, sure enough, it did the trick. These delightful little delicacies will instantly portal you to planet iDelta8 from whichever remote Earth town you reside in (give or take 30-60 minutes or so…your human body still needs to metabolize the cannabinoids, after all).

PS: The wormhole entryways from Earth to our planet are located through our restroom facilities, so bring your swim shorts.

All products are made fresh-to-order like a restaurant. We don't cook it until you order it! Please allow 2-5 business days cook and manufacturing time prior to shipping. Again your order will take 2-5 business days manufacturing time prior to shipping. Please time your reorders accordingly, thank you!

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iDELTA8 Womrholes Delta 8 Gummies 20ct (30mg)
iDELT∆ Premium: Wormhole – 20ct