iDELT∆X – THCP Cartridge Full Gram


Like a unicorn, Bigfoot, or an honest politician on your planet, this cannabinoid has a mythical and near-ethereal aura to it, boasting legendary potency 30x that of delta-9. A small amount enhances the user experience many times over, so savor it like your favorite pancreas-destroying sweet food (“dessert” may be a better word) and enjoy slowly.

iDELTAX THCP Cartridge Full Gram
iDELT∆X – THCP Cartridge Full Gram
Due to extreme demand for iDelta8 products please allow 24- 48 business hours manufacturing time before shipping. The organic, preservative-free nature of iDelta8 products require them to be produced “fresh on demand” and inventory does not sit on a shelf. Please time your reorders accordingly.

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