iDELT∆ Premium Diamond – HHC Cartridge Full Gram


Our alchemists here on the mothership have been diligently toiling away to isolate new compounds from the hemp plant, and with HHC they landed on something special – it provides a smooth ride for journeys similar to other cannabinoids, but actually isn’t any kind of THC. Word on the spaceways is that it might not register on common earthling drug tests, but we haven’t had the chance to test that hypothesis ourselves. Your mileage may vary on that front.
This cartridge requires a 510 thread battery. Click here to purchase a battery.

iDELTA8 Diamond HHC Cartridge Full Gram
iDELT∆ Premium Diamond – HHC Cartridge Full Gram
Due to extreme demand for iDelta8 products please allow 24- 48 business hours manufacturing time before shipping. The organic, preservative-free nature of iDelta8 products require them to be produced “fresh on demand” and inventory does not sit on a shelf. Please time your reorders accordingly.

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