What is THC-O? 

Move over THC, and there's a new potent cannabinoid in town! If you have been keeping your eyes on the cannabis market, you may have noticed the rise of alternative cannabinoids, like THC-o. THC-o is not to be confused with Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. THC-o is an entirely different compound with unique characteristics, though the two share some similarities. Before diving into the details of THC-o, let's discuss THC. Cannabis naturally contains THC, which is one of its most abundant cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are compounds with specific chemical structures that produce different effects when used.  Not only is THC the most abundantly available cannabinoid, but it's also the most potent natural cannabinoid. THC is a psychoactive chemical that can impact one's mood, perception, appetite, and more. When you use cannabis products, you feel high because of THC. THC is used in various forms, and many different products contain THC. Although THC seems to be all the rage, some states still have yet to legalize it. The availability of cannabis-derived products changed significantly following the Farm Bill, also known as the Agricultural Improvement Act. This bill was signed into law in 2018, legalizing the sale and use of cannabis products with less than .3% THC. This new bill led to various hemp-derived alternatives to THC becoming very popular. THC isn't the only cannabinoid enjoyed for its psychoactive effects. Some other commonly used psychoactive compounds include Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, and of course, THC-o. THC-o is unlike any other hemp-derived substance you may have heard of, but why would anyone want to try anything other than THC? If THC products are unavailable near you or you want to try something just as potent, you might consider THC-o. THC-o, or THC-o acetate, is a semi-synthetic isomer typically made by converting CBD or Delta-8 THC. One of the exciting things about THC-o is its acclaimed potency. THC-o is said to be three times the potency of THC and, because of that, has earned the nickname "The Spiritual Cannabinoid" or "The Psychedelic Cannabinoid." THC-o reportedly produces a high that almost mimics a psychedelic experience. THC-o acetate experiences are described as enlightening and spiritual. Some users advise using this cannabinoid in nature to take the deep sense of relaxation up a notch. Though, there's much to know about THC-o acetate before trying it. If you want to try one of the most potent cannabinoids available today, you have clicked on the right article. In this article, we are answering some questions you might have about THC-o and sharing details on the best place to buy THC-o online. Keep reading to learn more.

How is THCO Made? 

Before buying THC-o, you should learn how it is made. Many cannabinoids that we consider alternatives to Delta-9 THC are produced in cannabis in small amounts or made through synthetic processes. The same goes for THC-o. THC-o acetate is made through an artificial process involving Delta-8 or CBD. These compounds are taken through several methods to create what we know as THC-o or THC-o acetate. The production of THC-o requires handling acetic anhydride, a volatile and flammable colorless liquid. Acetic anhydride is added to the Delta-8 THC or CBD molecules to produce THC-O acetate. This chemical compound alters the molecule's structure in a way that gives the product a potency three times the strength of THC. THC-o acetate makes various products like THC-o vape carts and dabs.

Our Best THC-O Products at Wholesale Price

Are you ready to experience THC-o or add it to your cannabis shop? iDELTA8 is the best place to buy premium THC-o products at wholesale price. iDELTA8 makes products for humans that want quality-made cannabis products without sacrificing authentic flavor. iDELTA8 is home to various signature strains made with high-quality legal hemp and terpenes, and you can enjoy their products without ever leaving your home. Skip that trip to your local hemp shop and buy THC-o online from iDELTA8. They offer various THC-o products that are suitable for beginners and THC-o regulars. Here's a look at some of the THC-o acetate products that could be a part of your hemp collection.

iDelta8 Diamond THC-O Cartridge Full Gram

Pair this THC-o full-gram vape cartridge with a 510 battery and lift off! The iDELTA8 Diamond THC-o cartridge is ideal for those that want to vape the best THC-o acetate. You can sit back and enjoy this cart in 6 different flavors depending on your mood. The strain list includes the following:

Blackberry Kush 

Enjoy the aromatic notes of blackberry and diesel with Blackberry Kush, a relaxing Indica best for those moments of chill. 

Blue Dream

The dreamy strain Blue Dream gives you a little bit of everything. This satisfying Sativa is a blend of various flavors like blossom, citrus, pine, and sandalwood. 

Northern Lights 

Like the natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights strain is a natural wonder of a strain ideal for Indica lovers. This terpene profile combines floral notes with a spicy twist to deliver an exciting Indica THC-o acetate experience.

Pineapple Express

Experience the tropical vibes that you can only get with Pineapple Express. This well-known Sativa gives you all the citrus flavor you can handle. 


If you want a little bit of both hemp galaxies, then you will love Skywalker. This potent hybrid fuses the properties of Sativa and Indica to create an otherworldly balance.

White Recluse 

Beware of White Recluse! This citrusy hybrid is intense and potent in all the right ways. 

iDelta8 Premium Diamond Disposable THC-O Vape Pen

Love to vape but are not a fan of vape cartridges? You are going to love this next one. You can now enjoy premium THC-o cannabinoids as a disposable vape. Skip the assembling process and enjoy THC-o acetate quicker with the premium Diamond Disposable THC-o vape pen available exclusively at iDELTA8

iDab iDELTA Syringe THC-o full gram

THC-o acetate is also available at iDELTA8 in dab form. Dabs are another effective way to use THC-o. The iDab iDELTA Syringe includes a full gram of THC-o in 6 different flavors.

iDELT∆X – THC-o Cartridge Full Gram

iDELTA8 also offers full-gram THC-o cartridges. Each cartridge has an acetylated version of its Delta-8 raw material and natural terpenes. You can try this THC-o acetate cart in exciting strains, including:  

Blue Dream Berries

Blue Dream Berries is a euphoria-inducing Sativa strain with notes of sweet berries. 

OG Kush

It gets no more classic than OG Kush. This popular Indica strain has a potent diesel flavor unlike any other. 

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a hybrid strain that gets its name from the delicious flavor of ripe strawberries combined with a potency that real hemp lovers will appreciate. 

iDELT∆X – Disposable THC-o Vape Pen Full Gram

This disposable vape pen includes high-quality THC-o made with Delta-8 and natural terpenes. You can take your pick from Sativa, Indica, and hybrid and enjoy the rich experience of THC-o acetate.  Thanks to iDELTA8, your THC-o acetate experience is right around the corner. With an emphasis on quality, variety, and affordability, there’s no better place to buy THC-o. Visit iDELTA8 to shop THC-o wholesale and finally learn what the hype is all about. 

Why Choose IDELTA8 to buy THC-O Products in Bulk? 

Are you looking for bulk THC-o products? iDELTA8 is a one-of-a-kind online hemp shop that caters to earthlings near and far. They offer many hemp-derived products and THC-o for sale, including THC-o bulk options. You get several advantages when you buy THC-o bulk from iDELTA8. Here are 4. 
  • Top-quality product selection

When it comes to cannabis products, you should only seek the best it is available. iDELTA8 offers a top-quality selection of THC-o products. All their products are made with legal hemp terpenes to cater to those that appreciate the authentic flavor. 
  • Strains and terpenes 

Speaking of strains and terpenes, iDELTA8 is home to a collection of six strains in terpenes that won’t disappoint. There’s something in the mix for everyone. Indica enthusiasts will love the berry and diesel flavor of Blackberry Kush, also called BBK. There’s also Northern Lights, a nutty, floral, and spicy Indica that gets its name from the natural phenomenon itself. And that’s just the start of it. 
  • Lab Results

Before you get your hands on any cannabis products, they must be lab-tested. Lab tests are conducted by third-party independent labs that take each product through a series of tests to determine if the product is safe. iDELTA8  proudly displays lab results on their website to inform potential customers about the products before purchase. 
  • Free US Shipping over $99 

Paying for shipping can get pretty expensive. Not only does iDELTA8 ship products to you, but they also offer free shipping on orders over $99. So you have access to high-quality THC-o products online, plus you may also end up paying less in the long run.  Look no further for a shop with THC-o for sale. There’s no better place to buy your THC-o products than iDELTA8. The higher quality level and flavor variety are just what you need to take your hemp store to the next level. For the best deal on wholesale THC-o products, visit iDELTA8. 

THC-O - Frequently Asked Questions

What is THC-O good for?
THC-o products are primarily used recreationally. THC-o has psychoactive properties so that these products can produce effects similar to cannabis. THC-o can be relaxing or energizing, depending on the person. Overall, THC-o acetate is a good alternative to cannabis. 
Is THC-O legal?
Legality is one of the most important factors to remember when considering THC-o. THC-o acetate is federally legal in states, given that the product contains a reasonable amount of Delta-9 THC. 
Why Is THC-O Stronger Than Delta-9 THC?
THC-o is often compared to Delta-9 THC in terms of potency. The strength of these compounds is determined by how they bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the body. While Delta-9 THC is known for having a solid bond to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it is said that THC-o acetate has a slightly stronger bind, which explains its more potent effects. 
How old do you have to be to purchase THC-O?
Like all cannabis products, there are age restrictions that come with purchasing THC-o acetate products. To legally purchase THC-o, you must be at least 21 years old. You must show proof of ID before purchasing any THC-o product.
How long does it take for THC-O to kick in?
The kick-in rate for THC-o acetate will vary from person to person. On average, it can take up to 30 minutes for a THC-o product to reach full effect. If THC-o does not take effect immediately, it does not mean the product is ineffective. Avoid using more than the recommended THC-o cannabinoid for the safest results. 
How long does THC-O high last?
Not only are THC-o products potent, but they are also long-lasting. Once THC-o acetate fully kicks in, the psychoactive effects may last anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. The kick-in rate will vary depending on the person’s biological response to THC-o. THC-o may have varying effects on different individuals, so it is advised to begin with a small amount of THC-o. 
Is THC-O acetate safe?
The long-term effects of THC-o acetate are unknown. However, purchasing lab-tested THC-o from reputable brands is one way to use THC-o acetate safely. Additionally, avoid exceeding the recommended amount of THC-o acetate for optimal and safe results.
Is THCo stronger than Delta 9?
Delta-9 THC is among the strongest cannabinoids, and people often use it as a point of reference when describing the potency of various products. THC-o acetate is three times more potent than Delta-9 THC, so it is considered stronger than Delta-9. 
Would THC-O users Test Positive for a drug test?
THC-o acetate contains THC, one of the chemicals detected with a drug test. Drug tests do not differentiate between THC and its isomers. They all essentially appear the same with a drug test. Despite being made with Delta-8 THC or CBD, there is a chance that using THC-o would result in a failed drug test. It is advised to avoid THC-o if you could potentially be drug tested.