What are HHC Cartridges? 

Frequent cannabis users may be familiar with the various cannabinoids now on the market. There are more than Delta-9 products available that help cannabis manufacturers stay within the legal limits of the 2018 Farm Bill. Cannabis manufacturers have upped the innovation on what products they can create using cannabis and industrial hemp.  One cannabinoid that has become popular at a rapid rate is HHC. HHC is a cannabis-derived compound known by its chemical name ‘Hexahydrocannabinol”. You might notice that the tail end of the word ‘cannabinol’ looks familiar. HHC is very similar to Tetrahydrocannabinol, which you know as THC, or Delta-9 THC.  HHC was discovered in 1944 by Roger Adams, a chemist curious about what would happen if hydrogen molecules were added to THC. Adams took THC through hydrogenation – a process that often freshens foods for more extended periods. As a result, today, you can find a potent isomer of THC on the market. HHC products are psychoactive, so they do contain THC. But these products include no more than 0.3% THC to remain legal in most US states.  HHC cartridges are one of the best ways to get your HHC. HHC cartridges are vapes filled with HHC distillate and terpenes to give you the ultimate legal potent experience. If you like vaping or trying new cannabis products, then HHC cartridges are a product you would love to try. Before searching for HHC cartridges near you, let's review how to use HHC cartridges, the effects of HHC, and where you can find HHC carts for sale online. 

How to dose HHC Vape Carts safely? 

Trying HHC products like HHC vape carts means that you should know how much is safe to use. As you know, HHC is derived from federally legal hemp, a plant of the cannabis variety. However, knowing how much to use with an HHC product like HHC carts may be tricky, but it is essential. Vape cartridges are much different than methods like gummies or tinctures. Those products will typically tell you to use no more than 2 gummies a day or to place 1-2 drops of the tincture beneath your tongue, and you are good to go. It’s a little different with vaping. Hitting a vape can release different amounts of vapor. And because these are handheld devices that you essentially have control over, you might not know precisely how much of your HHC cart you need to feel the desired effects.  Understanding the effects of HHC vapes has a lot to do with understanding how the body reacts to and processes HHC. HHC is a component that binds to the receptors in the body, similarly to THC. HHC has an affinity for the receptors, and the effects can usually be felt quickly. Sometimes when vaping, though, people don’t realize when the effects kick in, and they may continuously hit the device as the effects fade in. It’s best to start with a few puffs of the cartridge to welcome the effects gradually. If you try HHC for the first time or a particular cartridge for the first time, you should use it slowly. Starting with fewer hits on your HHC cart is advised simply to help avoid undesirable effects that are a result of overuse. Start with a few hits, for example, 2-3, and give your body time to process. Slowly await the effects and determine if you enjoy HHC.  It can be tough to put down a vape, but gradually using HHC is best for safe use. Selecting an HHC vape cartridge also comes with choosing the strength of the e-liquid you prefer. Choose your HHC carts based on your experience and comfort level with vaping HHC. There are HHC carts out there with normal strength for those that want a lightly potent device, and there are HHC carts with increased strength. Once you find the device that best suits your preferences, you can enjoy using the device gradually and enjoy the effects of HHC.

Why is iDELTA8 the Best Place to Buy HHC Cartridges? 

Top-quality cartridges are a must-have if you are looking for HHC online. iDELTA8 is a retailer that sells premium vape products online. If you have been searching online for the best HHC vapes, then iDELTA8 is the best choice. This brand knows what it takes to make a high-quality vape cartridge, and their products are unlike any other you will find. iDELTA8 caters to the cannabis enthusiast who loves authentic strains with potent effects. You can buy HHC carts in two different varieties from iDELTA8. First, we offer our beginner-friendly HHC cartridge full gram, available in the best strains, including Blue Dream Berries (Sativa), OG Kush (indica), and Strawberry Cough (hybrid). iDELTA8 also has a premium Diamond full gram HHC cart for sale on their website that gives you a bit higher potency. You also get a few more strains to choose from with the Diamond full gram, including popular strains Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Northern Lights, Pineapple Express, Skywalker, and White Recluse. iDELTA8 products are made to give you the best possible experience with cannabis. So, what better place to get your HHC cartridges? Visit iDELTA8 and have the best HHC carts shipped to your door. 

Our Best HHC Vape Cartridges

iDELTA8 is the go-to place for the best HHC carts online. Their products will give you that HHC experience you have been long awaiting. There are two different HHC vape cartridges available for purchase on their website:

iDELT∆ Premium Diamond – HHC Cartridge Full Gram

The premium HHC full gram vape cartridge at iDELTA8 is a force to be reckoned with. This device gives you that smooth, potent HHC voyage you’ve been waiting for. What’s best about this device is that you can try it in 6 strains. This HHC cart is available in the best indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains – creating a variety of strains for various effects. 

iDELT∆X – HHC Cartridge Full Gram

If you are waiting to try HHC, the time is now. iDELTA8 has an HHC cart for sale on their website that will help you see what the HHC hype is about. Made with hemp legal HHC, this iDELTA8 HHC vape cartridge is filled with a gram of premium HHC and can be purchased in three must-try strains. Not only is this cart made with top-shelf HHC, but it's also affordable.

HHC Vape Cartridges - Frequently Asked Questions

Are HHC Carts Federally Legal in the U.S?
The 2018 Farm Bill, signed by Donald J. Trump, legalized cannabis products that contain less than .3% THC in many U.S states. This led to an increase in various cannabis products made with federally legal cannabis and industrial hemp. HHC carts can be used legally in many states because of this. If the state has legalized cannabis or CBD products, then chances are, HHC carts can be legally purchased too. Some states have local cannabis shops in select cities that carry cannabis-derived products, like HHC carts. Be sure to learn of any bans on HHC to ensure that you can use HHC carts legally where you live. 
Are HHC carts Safe?
To use HHC carts safely, there are two main factors to remember: quality and the amount used. HHC carts are not necessarily bad for you but skimming out on quality or overusing HHC can potentially lead to undesirable side effects. Quality HHC is made using premium cannabis and expert-level extraction processes. You should purchase HHC carts from brands with excellent reputations for creating cannabis-based products.  Because HHC is a newly popular cannabinoid, many brands have begun selling it, but not all HHC carts are of the same caliber. One way to determine whether your HHC cart is of better quality before taking a puff is by checking for product details. The more information you have on your HHC cart, the better. This means that you should know more than what flavor your HHC cart is but what ingredients were used to make it and what grade of cannabis the HHC was made with. This information can be found via the product website and the product's Certification of Analysis (COA).  Better quality HHC carts help you not only enjoy the potent effects of HHC but do so safely. Quality isn’t the only factor to consider when using HHC carts safely. There’s also how much HHC you use. HHC carts contain THC, a chemical that produces psychoactive effects when used. While a high you get from HHC can seem enjoyable, overusing HHC carts can potentially cause undesirable effects. Vaping is a popular recreational activity that many enjoy regularly. Using an HHC cart too often, though, can result in lower tolerances for HHC and potentially dependency on the device. This is especially true if the HHC vape cart contains nicotine, a known addictive substance often found in tobacco cigarettes and some e-cigarettes. Taking regular breaks from HHC carts can be advantageous as far as safety is concerned. No matter how popular HHC carts are or how enjoyable they are to use, safety should always be your top priority. 
How does an HHC vape cartridge work?
HHC vape cartridges are different from disposable vapes. Vapes usually come in two different varieties– reusable ones and ones that are disposable. Vape cartridges are reusable, and understanding how to use them properly can ensure a better experience with vaping HHC. Typically when you buy these devices, they are prefilled. They include a tube-like container often made with glass referred to as a cartridge or cart. This is where you can find the liquid used for vaping.  Vape cartridges usually fit easily in your hand's palm and are capped with a mouthpiece. Most HHC vape cartridges are ready to use right out of the package, but you can purchase carts you must fill before you enjoy. Once your device is filled with HHC liquid, you are ready to use it! Many vapes are draw-activated, meaning you can simply inhale through the mouthpiece without an activation button, but some devices have a button pressed to release the vapor. The act of vaping itself can be tricky for new beginners, but the key is finding a pace and vaping style that is comfortable for you. When you inhale the vapor, hold the vapor in your lung for a few seconds and exhale.  HHC vape carts may need to be recharged, so always ensure you have a compatible charger on hand in case your battery goes out unanticipatedly. One of the good things about HHC vape carts is that you can often see how much e-liquid remains in the cart. This helps you plan by refilling the cart for continuous vape sessions.
What is the best way to use HHC carts?
It’s best to use HHC carts when you are not expected to operate heavy machinery. These devices are often used recreationally as a means of relaxation. HHC carts can be used at different times of the day, whenever you want the most effects of HHC. Everyone may use HHC carts differently, so finding a way that is comfortable (and safe) for you is important. 
How are HHC carts and CBD carts different?
HHC differs greatly from CBD. CBD, scientifically known as ‘Cannabidiol’ is found in large amounts in cannabis and hemp. CBD is a non-psychoactive component, so it won’t get you high as HHC would. HHC can be made by converting CBD or using THC. The main difference is how potent the two are. CBD carts are mainly used for general relief and relaxation purposes without intoxication. HHC carts, on the other hand, contain THC, which means they will give you a buzz when you use them. 
Are HHC Carts available in bulk online?
If you have a hemp shop and want to add HHC cartridges to your selection, you can purchase bulk HHC carts online. iDELTA8 is a great place to buy HHC carts cheap without compromising on quality. Many people want to get their hands on an HHC cartridge vape, as HHC has become very popular recently. So finding the best deal on HHC carts wholesale is one way to keep your shop up to date on what people want. iDELTA8 has a premium selection of HHC cartridges to choose from. The best thing about buying your HHC carts from iDELTA8 is knowing you are getting a high-quality product for the best price.